HMRC Petition - Our Chance for Answers

Late in 2012, a petition was launched to give the Rangers fans an opportunity to demand a parliamentary debate in the House of Commons on the possible leaking of confidential HMRC information to bloggers such as Rangers Tax Case and the BBC investigation by Mark Daly. 

Sir David Murray has also called for a police enquiry into how documents relating to players, staff and his own confidential tax affairs came to be available to an anonymous internet blogger who used them, along with certain other bloggers, members of the press and broadcasters to blacken the name of the club prior to the findings of the First Tier Tax tribunal. This tribunal, as we all know, found that the club did not in fact owe the £150m which was regularly being quoted.

This police enquiry is out of our hands, but the fans have an opportunity through this petition to not only ensure that those responsible for disseminating this information are brought to task, but also that people think twice about spreading lies and misinformation about the club in future.

It will take 2 minutes of your time to fill in this online petition. All you need to do then is login to the email you provided and click the link that you are sent. This will verify your signature and will register your name on the petition.

So far 36,000 fans have done the above. Have you? Have you asked all your friends and family to do the same? They don't have to be Rangers fans; they just have to have a sense of justice or a wish to get to the bottom of this very serious breach of confidentiality. Maybe they will just be happy to help out a friend or relative?

If you have older members of the family who are not very internet literate then help them out. It takes a few minutes to set up an email account for them and show them how to add their name and confirm it.

Our club has been dragged through the mud in public because of the actions of these people. Do you want them to just sail off into the sunset anonymously, with no examination of the possible criminal activities they have been involved in?

If we get this petition to 100,000 signatures then the UK government can't ignore it. We get nearly 50,000 every second week at Ibrox. If we spread the word it should be easily achievable. Email the link to friends and family, text it to them, post it on your Facebook page, put it on Twitter ask friends down in England or Wales to help, post it on any other football club or other internet forums you use.

Your fellow fans will be less annoyed at you pestering them than they will be at never knowing of the chance they have for a proper enquiry into what has been done to the club.

Please click this link and follow the instructions. Then spread the word.

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