What is the Truth About Rangers? Part 1

Charles Green's Talksport appearance yesterday was well received by Rangers fans judging by Twitter reaction. He gave a lot of straight answers including dispelling any notion that he is a cabbage. I have been trying to nail down some answers for a few weeks now and it would seem a good time to share them with you.

There is plenty of information available online about Rangers. The trouble is knowing what is the truth and what is not. There will be some truth but a lot is inaccurate and some is malicious. Some baseless opinion is delivered with authority, bona fide, as fact when it is not. Some is rumour and speculation and some is hinted at, suggested and at times very insidiously in my opinion. The question is where do we start after so many of us took Craig "Casey Jones" Whyte on his word? We are naturally suspicious and need transparent clear answers. The internet?

Here for example is a blog is called The Demise of Rangers in Pictures. And this is the latest article:


I highlight this blog for many reasons but particularly as it contains this line in an earlier entry in June 2012:

‘Remembering that Octopus are financial backers of Zeus Capital and there is only one man for the job. Charles Green. And the job is? Getting the Ticketus money back.’

This is the earliest I can find this phrase appearing online (I stand to be corrected). What is really interesting is if you Google this sentence, you will find this very phrase repeated all over the internet word for word. It appears on Rangers sites, Celtic sites (obviously), Kilmarnock sites, Heart sites, Dunfermline sites and other football sites. It appears on The Rangers Tax Case pompous offspring The Scottish Football Monitor, Pie and Bovril and many more. Derivatives and snippets of it also appear in many more debates and on sites giving information on Rangers. This argument is absolutely, fundamentally crucial to maintaining the theory that Charles Green, Imran Ahmad and Brian Stockbridge are linked to Ticketus, Octopus etc and are part of a conspiracy. There is though, a crucial error that drives a coach and horses through it. Octopus does not own or are in any way financially backing Zeus Capital.

Here is what Imran Ahmad said:

‘Rest assured Octopus, DM, CW and Ticketus have no interest in Zeus or RFC – you can quote me on this.’

But let’s double check this, let’s check that with Mr Richard Hughes. Mr Hughes owns Zeus Capital. I asked him if he could tell me if Octopus have any involvement with Zeus or if they own or in any way finance the company? Mr Hughes answered:

"Sometimes the short answers are the best-No."

And I asked him further about the relationship between Octopus and Zeus as many suggest Zeus are brokers for Octopus:

‘We are not nomad and broker to Octopus as they are not listed on AIM and we are neither financial adviser to them. We advise circa 20-30 AIM listed business of which Octopus funds may have invested alongside other city institutions I believe they have circa 2 bn of funds under management in total, our client is the AIM co not Octopus.’

So not only does Octopus have no financial interest in Zeus but Zeus does not directly offer any service to Octopus. Octopus does seem to have a connection to Ticketus but as a financial investor with stakes in a large number of companies and also a financial investor in AIM companies, that does not amount to much as far as the current Ibrox regime goes. I am sure they will want to recover as much as possible but I suspect their beef will be with the train driver, Ticketus and BDO.

In the latest entry on this blog, called ‘Ticketus must own new co Rangers’ there is more ‘evidence’ of the conspiracy. The link is made with Sevco 5088 Ltd and Octopus who we now know have nothing to do with Zeus Capital but bear with me. Field Fisher Waterhouse formed Sevco 5088 Ltd and we are told:

‘Field Fisher Waterhouse are the Solicitors of Octopus, owners of Ticketus. Coincident?’(sic)

Da da daaaaaaaa! Excuse me as I choke here, cough *Harper Macleod* cough. What a cracker of an own goal!

But there is more, we are told:

"People are looking at what Charles Green is up to but Brian Stockbridge is the man we should be looking at. Charles is merely a distraction."

So it is Brian who is the brains behind the operation. Why so? Well here is the information that seals the deal.

‘He worked for Allenby Capital (founded by Imran Ahmed) until January 2012 when he joined Zeus Capital with Imran Ahmed following in April 2012. He then re located to Glasgow in February 2012. This is 100% a strategic move on behalf of Ticketus.’(sic)

Except he didn't and it wasn't. The author has based his information on the fact that Mr Stockbridge formed a company from his home address (By the way, the author gave a link to Mr Stockbridge's address - are you watching Alex Thomson?) in February 2012. Mr Stockbridge has family in Scotland, a Scottish fiancé and a two year old kid. Like many with his type of job, it can keep him away from home for long periods so a purely personal decision was made by his family to relocate to Scotland. This was done when? In April 2011 not February 2012. It was in no way linked to Rangers. So yet again, we have another invention that has been accepted as fact by so many when the reality is very different.

In the second part of this article I will challenge some of the recent claims by Celtic Quick News and Paul McConville relating particularly to the business background of Imran Ahamd.

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