Not Sorry Anymore

When the roof caved in on my beloved club on St Valentine’s day and administration reared its ugly mug, not only was I afraid for the future of Rangers but I also feared for the potential ramifications for the other clubs in the top flight and indeed for the national game. And this was before Regan and co had the opportunity to spell out the potential disasters that might befall Scotland’s top division without Rangers

You see, I was able to raise my head above the never-ending queues of Rangers haters spouting bile. When I was down and taking kicks to the head I was able to prevent the barrage from placing blinkers over my eyes and I resisted any urge to become involved in a tit-for-tat war.

No matter what arms and legs were added to the stories, I could see past and realise the simple truth: the majority of our troubles had been self-inflicted.

The men who owned our club put it in severe danger and their actions will never be forgotten-not by me or any other Rangers fan.

There was/is a constant demand from the haters and enablers for the Rangers family as a collective to show contrition and take ownership –to apologise in other words. Regardless of who was demanding it, the simple fact was that I was sorry.

Sorry for the situation my club faced and its potential knock-on effect on Scottish football. Hell I even wrote a piece for this site entitled…’Sorry?’Fellow Rangers fans may have called me an apologist – and that’s fair enough…I was. And I meant every word. I tried to remain level headed.

Keep calm and carry on?

However, I wasn’t the only one. After writing ‘Sorry?’, I received many messages from likeminded Rangers fans who shared my concerns for Scottish football as a whole. I wonder if they also now struggle to show any concern or sympathy for SPL clubs affected by the last few months.

My sympathy and concern has literally been beaten out of me. These clubs listened to shouts of hatred and Rangers began the season in the third division. But that wasn’t enough: the hatred and bile has continued. Governing bodies, newspapers, journalists and broadcasters – none of them seem to have had their bloodlust satisfied.

Rangers fans have embraced the incredible situation created by the failures of others. The collective opinion of the outsiders-that Rangers fans in their masses would abandon the club-has been disproven.

Ibrox is still bouncing while SPL stadiums have tumbleweed and empty seats. This simple fact, or so I believe, is the main reason the hatred is continuing and indeed growing rather than dwindling.

Their hatred blinds them so much that some actually believe Rangers fans have rallied simply to ‘get one up on them’. It’s really quite incredible. Rangers have been attacked daily and we’ve had to defend ourselves vigorously. For the most part it has been bloggers fighting these daily wars.

People like Alasdair McKillop, Chris Graham and John DC Gow as well as other sites like have led the way and have done a magnificent job in giving our club a voice during a time when perhaps we did not have one.

Thankfully we now also have a strong voice at the helm of our club in Charles Green. It’s quite apparent that he also seems to have had the ‘contrition’ beaten out of him.

When he first arrived on the scene he was, by all accounts, someone who wanted to work with the other clubs and the authorities for the good of the game.

Fast forward a few months later he is a man on the offensive.

Visibly sickened by the actions of those in charge and pulled up in front of disciplinary boards on a regular basis, it appears to me that he simply doesn’t care anymore.

The haters and enablers scoffed at his ‘bigotry’ comment. Some tried to twist his words by adding ‘religious’ to the sentence. It was obvious to me that Charles Green was simply stating that the majority of the decisions made against Rangers were driven by hatred-of course they were.

Any notion of Green playing the role of peacekeeper or problem solver is a distant memory. I can certainly relate to this because I am no longer sorry and I am all out of contrition.

Rangers made their bed and we are now lying in it. It is now time for the governing bodies, the SPL and its member clubs to lie in theirs.

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