Our mission statement

Sample ImageThe Rangers Standard is a project aimed at promoting positive and innovative thinking about the club and its role in Scottish football and society.

This is an opportunity to examine the club's history and development, re-claim neglected or forgotten parts of its heritage, and reflect on how the Rangers community develops from here and how that future might be shaped by the concerns, hopes and visions of committed supporters.

We will encourage debate on all aspects of the club and will not shirk from confronting the hard topics such as sectarianism, national identity, and misgovernment by the custodians of the club in the recent and not so recent past.

We welcome well-constructed arguments and spirited polemic: the contributions of non-Rangers fans will be accepted provided they are constructive. We will have guest writers from the worlds of media, academia and politics who we hope will not only write for, but also engage with, our members.

We plan to not only challenge any unfair, negative, media and political representation of the club and fans, but also examine how we can improve the way the club is perceived through positive action.

The forum will permit contributors to be as iconoclastic as they wish to be without causing gratuitous offence or straying into territory considered potentially libellous.

This is time for fresh thinking. Our club needs to not only be defended but to ensure it moves, together with the fans, in a positive direction.