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Rizvi - Lawyers ready to "tuck into the RFC carcass all over again"

The Rangers Standard has received documentary evidence which appears to prove the links between Charles Green, Imran Ahmad and Rafat Rizvi and reveals the extent to which Rizvi was involved in the purchase of Rangers. The documents show the three men arguing over payments due to be made from the club and detail which shareholders Rizvi introduced. There are also claims from Rizvi that Green and Ahmad are holding shares for him and requesting that these be transferred to another entity.

On the 13th August 2012, Green and Ahmad receive an email from S K Ali (believed to be a Rizvi alias) detailing the introductory fees due to be paid for the original investors brought in to fund their purchase of the club. These include Blue Pitch, Margarita, Norne Astalt, Putney Holdings Ltd, Jean Haddad, Elias Kaisar and ACC. The claim for fees totals £408,750.

There then follows an extraordinary argument amongst the three where they haggle over the fees and accuse each other of reneging on agreements. The exchange, which takes place between an email address in Rizvi's own name and Ahmad and Green's personal email addresses, shows how involved Rizvi was in the original purchase of the club, despite previous claims from Green and Ahmad that this was not the case.

On 23rd August 2012, having not received payment of the fees he wants, Rizvi writes to Green:

"I would like the shares the two of you are holding on my behalf to be transferred into a separate entity".

Green reacts angrily and refuses, stating he has not yet received shares himself, at which point Rizvi replies:

"When you do both get the shares just remember our agreement."

"I need to fight to ensure my interests and those of the investors I brought to this transaction are protected".

This prompts a furious reaction from Ahmad on the 28th August 2012 which starts:

"I introduce you to a transaction and this is how you behave?"

In an incredible rant, which appears designed to keep Rizvi's involvement under wraps, Ahmad goes on to say:

"I don't see how you think you can be anywhere near Rangers even in a limited capacity. You're a convicted felon as far as the outside world is concerned"

"All you have wanted to do is try and control Rangers with a minority group of investors."

Ahmad's rant then continues with him accusing Rizvi of putting his "nose in the trough asking for fees".

The argument between Green and Rizvi continues over the coming days. On 30th August 2012 Rizvi again chases Green for money he claims is due. Green refuses again, prompting Rizvi to the following.

"You have had investors' money since the end of May, closed the acquisition on 14th June and investors have zero visibility on where their money has gone."

"I am looking firstly to protect the interests of those that funded the initial money and are the ones who actually made the transaction close because they are all important to me and secondly I would like my fees paid asap so I can turn my back on this and walk away."

It is then that Rizvi issues his threat to the club.

"There is an army of lawyers licking their lips at the prospect of tucking into the RFC carcass all over again and you all just sit there acting guilty."

Ahmad also expresses concern on 31st August 2012 that Rizvi's repeated contact is attracting the attention of the authorities – in particular the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

"Our advisors are not happy with your calls and emails to them."

"I've just spent the day persuading them not to report the matter to SOCA about Blue Pitch, Margarita and Norne Astalt."

"Your continual badgering is about to involve Charles, Brian, myself, Arif, Alessandro, Chris and Mazen with SOCA ffs."

"If you go anywhere near this they (Cenkos) will run a mile and I will then report what you are doing to all investors not just Arif."

"Blue Pitch and Margarita are having to be kycd again and money laundered again due to change in beneficial owners at their request."

Whilst the emails do not provide the full picture of who is behind Blue Pitch and Margarita, they do appear to paint a picture of how closely involved Rizvi was with Ahmad and Green. They also raise serious questions about why Sandy Easdale is now attempting to bring Rizvi back into the fold by apparently discussing further investment with him.

Rizvi's threat to Rangers makes it clear he could not care less about the club's well-being, Even Ahmad, who has recently had yet another pay off from the club, accuses him of having his "nose in the trough". It seems ridiculous that anyone would think he is a good man to introduce another round of investors. Just exactly why has Rizvi decided to get involved again after stating he would walk away once he got his money? Perhaps he didn't get as much as he wanted and sees another payday on the horizon? There are also questions over just exactly who introduced Sandy Easdale to the man wanted by Interpol? Was it Ahmad or Green for whom Mr Easdale appears to hold proxy voting rights?

Any attempt by any member of the Plc board or the so called 'football board' to encourage Rivzi's ongoing involvement in the club should be of huge concern to every Rangers fan.